The Price On My Head

Self Portrait

Feb. 2019




The Weight Of Stones

Digital photography Research

Nov. 2018


Blind Date

Self Portrait

Sept. 2018



According to the British think-tank "Oxford Research Group", out of a total of 113,735 civilian deaths and combatants during the current Syrian war, 11,420 Syrian children (aged under 17) were killed.

I wash myself every day with Aleppo soap.

Realities collide.

Aleppo Bird

Sculpture on Allepo Soap
Sept. 2018



Without Words

Series of action

Started in 2010

Childhood, skin and trees searching for peace.


My mother was used to turn on candles at night Sometimes she was talking to the little flames "In the dark, you need one candle, at least..."  
Then, most of times at night I was watching candles, with my mother.  
"Are they dancing? "  "Yes, light is life. Being alive is a dance."

Watching lights dance

Video 3'33''

Mar. 2017

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